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Burning Man - Art Installation - in colaboration with Free Town Christiania. "Hurry up Slowly" in Black Rock City, Nevada aug/sep 2017 -
Burning Man – Art Installation – in colaboration with Free Town Christiania. “Hurry up Slowly” in Black Rock City, Nevada aug/sep 2017 –

Lise Klitten Costume Design
review Exhibition “Carte Blanche”



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Lise Klitten Costume Design
Done 🙂 – Octopus, Lilibeth Cuenga Rasmussen – Premiere at the Metropolitan Theater in Manila, Philippines Costumedesign Lise Klitten




Costume Project with LED light to Lilibeth Cuenga Rasmussen next Performance 2016 / 2017 UHHHH - Straight on - Plus and Minus - LEDlight - costume
Costume Project with LED light to Lilibeth Cuenga Rasmussen next Performance 2016 / 2017
UHHHH – Straight on – Plus and Minus – LEDlight – costume
En_anden_krop_plakat_final som jpg






Now on the way to THEATRE FESTIVAL ” BABEL ” in Targoviste, Romania.

Para-dice Return are performing Thuesday June 9th and Saturday June 11th 2016


Anders Christiansen[/full_width]

poster Vejen final -> bearb -wCostume Design for the opening picture to of the movie “Vejen er Lang” about the women liberation in Denmark.

In The Hour of Sleep, Washington DC.

Costume Design “In the Hour of Sleep” Spring Dance Festival 2016, George Washington University April 2016. Opening night April 14th 2016

in the hour of sleep 1 in the hour of sleep 2.jpeg

REUMERT nominated ” DUST / STØV ” Costume Design Dance, puppet and opera performance by SvendE and Sew Fluink Fury Wit at Marienlyst Castle, Helsingør. March 10th 2016

STØV - Foto Søren Meisner - Lille format
Støv_Helsingørteater-Marienlyst slot_Sew Fluink Fury Wit.jpg kopi

Premiere January 21th 2016 at “Dansehallerne”, Copenhagen V, Denmark. Costumes is ready. Title are: SPLASTIC. Its a Daily Fiction production by Choreographer Tora Balslev. She is doing the dance as well together with Cath Borch. Piece are about the realism of tension in the body, and when Cath actually is spastic, it is a performance that goes super close to the phenomenon of struggle for freedom of movement

Premiere November 25th 2015 at “Musik Teatret” Copenhagen K, Denmark. Costumes is ready 🙂 Title are: Det er Tanken der Tæller” and its a Teater Hund Production and Søren Meisner is taken pics. Christmas Family Play ” Det er Tanken der Tæller” about a working team on a Gas-Tank, where the celebrating have to climb in by it self.

Right Now the “Para-dice Return” is on the way to IMPAKT, Theatre Festival in Veles, Macedonia. The Tribe “Para-dice Return” will perform November 5th and November 6th, 2015.

Para-dice Return Klitten 2015Photo:Misha Sidenberg

The Costume Exhibition “Costumes at the Turn of the Century 1990-2015” is running i Moscow. The Bakhrushin Theatre Museum have a giant retrospective Costume exhibition going on, where I’m representing several costumes from past performances. Photos, Videos and physical Costumes are shown and the interest are so huge, so the Theatre Museum have extended the exhibition to the end of autumn 2015.

Link to Costume exhibition in Moscow

Opening speech at the exhibition: Costumes at the Turn of the Century 1990 – 2015 at the Theatre Museum Bakhrushin in Moscow

Bakhrushin Lise Klitten

Costumes at the Turn of the Century, Bakhrushin Museeum Moscow dry respekt stillife





My performance “Para-dice Return” are made especially for the Tribe Performance occasion in Prague June 2015, at the PQ15 Prague Quadrennial for Scenography where the main theme this year was Music, Weather and Politics.

The Costumes are focused on the beauty of nature, and the figures are covered with vegetation sprung from the softest and most delicate parts of the body.

Para-dice Return Tribe have wild Danish flower seeds (symbolic, but almost literally) planted in nose, ears, eyes and mouth, they have got water and the flowers have sprouted, metaphorically speaking.

1 Para-dice Return Prague



2 Para-dice Return Prague Klitten3 Paradis Klitten4 Blomsterbørn5 geisja power7 Para-dice Return Prague7 Para-dice

8 Para-dice Return





Do check up the latest Costume Workshop for professionals and students “Huracan Eye” at the PQ15 in Prague June 2015, about costumes made over the theme “Inner and outer feelings”
I worked together with the author of the project Mariaelena Rouque from Venezuela / Spain over the PQ15 Theme, Music, Weather and Politics.




Koncept og performer: Tora Balslev, Komponist og medvirkende: Knud Riishøjgaard, Scenografi og kostume design: Lise Klitten, Dramaturg: Betina Birkjær, Lysdesign: Arthur van der Zaag, Fotograf: Mark Schram Christensen, Administration: Projektcentret Dansehallerne,

10. – 12. juni 2015 / 10. juni kl. 18.30, 11. juni kl. 20.30, 12. juni kl. 19.00 / Lille scene
Det Frie Felts Festival



Just working on a upcoming Mette Knudsen DR 2015 movie about women liberation, in occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Danish women’s right to vote

Lise Klitten Costume : Nils Vest Photo

                                                                                                                                                                                     photo: Nils vest






Photo: Christoffer Askman






Video, Set and Costume Lise Klitten





Forsamlingen_plakatCostumes going to be very great – fun experience –

kitch forsoeg Sitting with the Stars



Kitsch ! I’m making a kitsch Installation.

The whole house is doing Kitch testings:

installations, shows and Performance.

I’m doing the installation ” Sitting with the Stars ”

Room installation with gold wallpaper, portiere fabric and chandelier.

it’s a photo-gallery, where you can do a self-timer nice shot.

Sitting with the Stars 2013 by Lise Klitten


” Sitting with the Stars ” 2013
Dyrkelse af den dårlige smag – find den store frihed??





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