camera + clip : Lise Klitten


I did made this film to the foyer for the Performance “Sten Saks Papir” where I did the

Scenography and Costumedesign for Anders Christiansen. The performance was shown

in Copenhagen 2007 where I was asked to do some interactive art, for the entrance of

Danse Scenen. I did shoot the film a Saturday morning before noon, where the city

was full of local life. Trying to show the paper only, the paper in the public space. Paper in

the streets of Copenhagen and paper as poetic metaphor. I did exhibit the film in a

dog house made of paper, build in the foyer of the Theatre and I called the installation

“Papir i Paphus”, “Paper in Cardboard House”




camera + clip : Lise Klitten


This is my first film – ever. I tried to combine the two line stories together like a tapestry.

I used my intuition in the recording process and had just decided to investigate the

phenomenon of water and man. My grandchildren love to build dams at the small

river in Odsherred, 100 km north of Copenhagen and Amager Strand which is located

on the outskirts of Copenhagen was just under construction in 2005 where the film is

created when I went on training in documentary film.


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