“Avantgarde is almost always negative defined by whom and what we are against.

The cliché is the young angry rebel who oppose the established or it is this idea with the misunderstood genius who is frustrated, that no one understands his or her ideas.

But rather than revolution, we are interested in evolution, like our process almost is based on the effect of an idea creates another idea.”


So like a tree is growing our creations are growing within a structure, we can’t totally control.

Some times we cant even remember which idea was from whom. We have a bunch of meetings, like brainstorming, as it is used like an important tool.

We all come with our innermost ideas, no ideas are too stupid to have an impact. We go on experiences together, like going in the nature or in the urban city for after a break in the studio to present new expression.

The performance is like a painting showing images – the audience can get their very own experiences of history, as it is people’s own associations that create the wholeness of the experience – along with the artists expressions of acting, dance, scenography, light- sound- and costume design.






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