Klitten Danish
 Freelance Designer (Scenography and Costume Design)

As profession – Set and Costume designer for Avantgarde Theatre, Modern Dance and Performance. As experimental lab – Art-and Documentary film and Installations.

Autodidact artist, working in the costume field since the very young age as, making the wardrobe and the design of her living space, since her year of 13th.

Lise Klitten is working with Performance Contemporary Art. Klitten is working with textile and set design, in theatre scenography and costume design. The expressions of the works are often quite striking, simple and surprisingly, by her unconventional choice of materials and simple solutions.

In parallel to this, Lise Klitten works with documenting poetic video works and installations from which she also cuts some pieces of it into the scenography of the performances.

In recent years, Lise Klitten refined its expression and worked heavily with costume design for performers and choreographer Anders Christiansen and performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, who among other things performed at the Venice Biennale in 2011, in a floor-length black wig that surprising both act like a burqa and wingspan in a sublime mix of male and female roles.

Lise tels:

My first independent company, I opened up my year at age 21. I had a staff member at the time and it gets bigger until I had 3 employees. We made the costumes for the daily street fashion. My mantra was to make everyday as a street picture, with people wearing fantasy and colorfulness. We closed the company  in 1991 to give space for searching up new experiences.

Then I started working as an employee of various independent theaters as costume designer and props responsible person. Very shortly in time I got many, many orders for the smaller avartgarde groups, as I was one of the first that made more than a t-shirt and training pants as a costume, but made a history in the costume, though it often was dancing costumes created for movement, it was no obstacle for me.



afghan hound by Lilibeth Cuenca

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