Concept of scenography and design?

Choreographer or Directors etc. comes with the presentation of the show, sometimes we create application to the Ministry of Culture together, that I create the visual section and choreographer do the text. We are very open to each other in the creation story. No idea is too strange not to be taken seriously.

In the work period, we keep many meetings before we completely define us on the material.

We brainstorm and fill in, then we scrape the ideas, we choose the most expressive minimalist symbol of history. Choreographer, composer and I as scenographer starts the process, later the lighting design comes inn.

The choreographer is keeping extern meetings with everybody and everybody is meeting at least ones a week.

The focus is on the story, the story can be a feeling, don’t have to be a script, it can be as subject as Denmark about the way or some subject as going on in the society just now.

We talk and are transparent of our innermost ideas and thoughts. We are joining exhibitions together, going in the nature together, watching movies are a lot together also in other orations as parties etc.

Some choreographers are waiting to make chooses to the final end, its a tool you can use as you are on the borderline before premiere, some more new ideas can come to you in a stress period

I don’t mind if the ideas go fine together with the practical solutions,

Some choreographers are very sure about everything before starting, this drag me a bit off-maybe they don’t need my ideas, and I go really for explaining and make more sketches, and mostly the result is top perfect and collaborated.


I’m working on the effort to the radiance to have a fantastic experience in the story. No audience is having exactly the same expression. It depend on the eyes whom seeing. I don’t want to control the expression totally.

I will give audience change to make own stories in their mind.

Some times I make costume that are going against the movements.

It’s hard to dance and it will make the story stronger etc. I have been working many years with skin colored costumes as an extra layer of human body skin, it is decently not a naked person dancing, this will as dancer gives also an identity.

The mantra for a good collaboration between dance makers and scenographers is to give good space to the visuals, use intuition, do more together than work, as to explore together and be open and transparent.

sten saks papir aders christiansen
        Model from the performance “Sten Saks Papir (Rock Paper Scissors)”
        Anders Christiansen 2007

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