Check out my Art Work from 2003. Three installations in Hair, Soil and Bras

First is a Hair diary over 432 days. Every day my hair from the come are collected and documented at the diary. Each of the three frames have 144 hair balls, of 12 horizontal lines and 12 vertical lines. No days are jumped over, all is there. 432 days.


Second installation is a testing of my daily costume, as I did dig it down deep under the soil at my land around the country house. My daily outfit was nicely packed in brown paper, with a cotton string around. I did dig it down one meter in the black soil in the moraine landscape. The land is 67 meter over see level, wich is a lot in Denmark. The costume was down in the soil 534 days, from spring to summer, to autumn and winter, to spring to summer and autumn and beginning of winter. 534 days in the deep soil.The installation displays a montre with cloth lump and 12 images in frames. 534 days.


Third installation 479 day are the designation for the time it took me to collect the 100 danish human skin colour used bras through the salvation army, and to stick them together by hand with a thick sewing thread and a arched sewing needle. The form contains exactly 100 bras and are formed as an organ hanging from a high level. 479 is the number of days in the creating process. 479 days.

lady macbeth

“Life must go on ” 2013

Costume Design: LISE KLITTEN

Lady Macbeth Costume, which she uses after the killing. The lady is very unhappy and are trying to wash the blood off her hands, with a result full of pain, fear and regret. I gave her a skirt made of Teddy bears, so she can have a chance to come through this period.

Up on Mother’s lap

silicone, textile, paper, gilded silver, acrylic, glue and varnish on Arne Jacobsen chair Series 7chair, redesigned as a woman‘s torso in underwear and necklace 2009.



7er Lise Klitten


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