udstilling Lise Klitten krop

Gauze and pillow costumes “Skizo” Tim Feldmann 1999

Dance Costumes in the Round Tower 1999/2000

Over past five years before the millennium, the designer Lise Klitten worked with costume design for a number of that day’s notable choreographers, dancers and performers.

In The Round Tower she had collected a sample of her many works and exhibit them in the 800 m2 large library hall of Trinity Church in the Round Tower, Copenhagen entitled “Body, suits and movement.” (“Krop Klædning og Bevægelse”)

“I thought it would be interesting to see how the costumes work, taken out of their original context and brought into a room where they will be able to function on their own terms,” said Lise Klitten as justification for her exhibition. The costumes were displayed as pictures on the wall, as tableaux around various dance performances, live on a catwalk or via video, projected on the walls.

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