Stage - and Costume Design


The year 2015 was the centenary of Danish women ́s right to vote. In commemoration of this historic event THE LONG ROAD was produced in 2016, focusing on the Women's Liberation Movements.- From the Danish and English suffragettes round the year 1900 up to the women libbers of the seventies and further to young women of today including queer feminists and women of other ethnic origins. In the intro of the film “The Long Road” Lise KLitten had the opportunity to unfold a colourful union of female archetypes, with initiative and activism across time and place.

Producer Mette Knudsen

Photographer Erik Norsker

Editor Edda Urup

Art Director Martin Nørgaard Furze

Costume Design Lise Klitten

Production country Danmark

Production company Nils Vest Film

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Stage - and Costume Design