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Lise Klitten

Lise Klitten 1954, scenographer, costume designer and curator born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. She's been an autodidact artist since she started her first creative business which allowed her to acquire artistic work in costume design and clothing.

Since 1994, Lise Klitten has primarily worked in the field of dance and performance as an avant-garde costume designer who uses unconventional materials such as sailcloth, machine felt, as well as horse and human hair. She made costume designs for 26 performances before embarking on actual scenographic assignments at the turn of the millennium.

Lise Klitten has had exhibitions at the Prague Quadrennial and WSD13, as well as a grand solo exhibition in Round Tower in Copenhagen. She has received multiple scholarships due to her outstanding results.

In addition to this, she has made short films and taught at Danish National School of Performing Art and at foreign Academies.

Klitten’s work in Performance Contemporary Art consists of striking, yet simple solutions, which are as aforementioned often not afraid to cross the boundaries of normality. Klitten is always looking for a way to tell a visual story through the costumes. A core philosophy however, is that leaving out key parts of the tale is paramount to giving the spectator a unique opportunity to fill in the blanks by creating their own opinions.

Statement of Intent

As an artist I have worked professionally with theater, dance, and stage performance as costume designer and scenographer during the last 40 years.

I established my first creative business at age 21 and have through the years created and been commissioned in excess of 50 stage shows, which primarily lie within the field of stage performance. My work has been supported by private as well as national foundations including the Danish Arts Foundation.

My organizational work is motivated by stimulating exchange of open and creative ideas in an eternally growing network. To establish and nurture international collaborations and ensure broad awareness in the public space of our common passion and overlapping professions.

To give an example of my engagement as well as skills for cross-professional collaborations and organizational talent was the establishment and construction of an art piece “Hurry Up Slowly” at the Burning Man festival 2017, which takes place in the Nevada Desert, USA. The art piece was sculptured as a large snail wherein visitors could enter and was a part of the official art exhibition.

My knowledge is founded on decades of experience and mentorship of young professionals who have worked under my supervision as personal interns at my studio, and during countless stage productions in Copenhagen.

It is because of the actions, collaboration and idea exchanges between creative people that I work, as well as to nurture a community of experimental Art and the lab. of telling a visual story.

Stage - and Costume Design