Stage - and Costume Design

On Rose, (Sleeping Beauty) Copenhagen year 2000. Dance performance by: Tim Feldmann and Wilma Dance Productions.

Dancers: Charlotte Munch Bengtsen,  Ori Flomin and  Guy Yarden. Music: Guy Yarden.

The inspiration to this specific Costume transformation, came from one of Lise Klitten' research and study tours, in India, south Kerala near Trivandrum. Here she discovered an Indian traditional Dance performance art called, KATHAKALI

 - 2000 years ago Koodiyattam, meaning “dancing together” emerged.

Kathakali is the oldest surviving Sanskridt drama on earth, based in Kerala and has the Status of a world heritage.

The picture shows costume rehersal in Varkala north of Trivandum, where the Kathakali actor Tu Tu underskirt are contructed on a string, with emty ricesacks hanging on. In the Kathakali performance the colorful heavy costume dress are ment to be worn over the Tu Tu underskirt. Photo Lise Klitten